The Ultimate Scratch Off World Map is a pretty cool map, especially for anyone who travels or plans to travel. Perhaps the thing I like about it most is its simplicity. What you see is what you get, and that’s not a bad thing:

The entire product comes in a sturdy and well-decorated cardboard tube and contains only three pieces: the map, the instructions, and the scratcher tool and marker combo.

The entire map has a somewhat heavy feel to it, and is really nothing more than a giant scratch-off lottery ticket, which is pretty cool.

Using the tools included, you can scratch off the places you’ve been, both on the map and in the table at the bottom. You can also use the gold marker pen to make notes on the map that can be wiped away like a dry erase board.

Obviously, not everyone does enough #travel to need this map, but it would also be great for a kid learning geography because it’s interactive. At only $32, this is one of those products that can be considered both educational and fun.

Check out the Ultimate Scratch Off World Map at:

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