Am I the only one who has just fucking had it with these fucking Trump deniers? I mean, seriously. What more does this clown-in-chief need to do before the people who voted for him acknowledge they elected an incompetent liar to run the country?

Find yourself under possible criminal investigation? Just fire the investigators. Your Attorney General demonstrates basic professionalism by recusing himself from investigating the guy who appointed him? Throw him under the bus in the national media. Don’t like the way the press is reporting on your bullshit? Turn off all the cameras.

See, this is what I’m talking about; I get so furious at the willful ignorance of my fellow Americans that I can’t see straight. I’m not exactly sure when we all decided facts no longer mean anything, and neither do results. As long as we keep electing the guys with all the money who promise not to raise our taxes while delivering incredible government services, we’re all good, right?

As a pragmatic progressive with real experience in government, the entire scenario we are witnessing is simply mind numbing. I can no longer feel parts of my brain because processing the daily stream of insane fuckery just hurts too much.

“It’s not gay if we’re celebrating on election night, Spencer. Now take off your pants.”

I am sick and tired of trying to defend truths which are self-evident. Pretending science is subjective is chipping away at my soul. I’m exhausted from swimming upstream to protect those who refuse to acknowledge they need protection. If you don’t realize Donald Trump’s presidency is an unprecedented disaster unfolding in real time, you’re beyond political redemption.

So how about we try this instead?

Congratulations. patriots. You win. America is now great again, whatever the fuckity fuck that means. Let’s all sit back, crack open a cold one and enjoy our utopia together. There’s only one catch; when shit goes bad, it’s everyone for themselves. You geniuses are on your own.

Fuck you, Nazi Grandma.

I don’t want to hear about how your coal job never came back because it was never going to in the first place.

I don’t want to hear about your kid being born with three arms and no toes because to your utter amazement, dumping carcinogens into our water supply causes actual birth defects.

I have a feeling you’re going to be buying lots of rocky road ice cream, Mom and Dad.

I don’t want to hear about how it’s impossible to get medical care for your little mutant child because no insurance company will cover a pre-existing condition of “toxic oopsy-daisy.”

I don’t want to hear why prices at WalMart are through the roof because of a litany of trade wars, or how those trade wars led to real wars and now people are dying for no good reason.

None of the above will be my fucking problem, so good luck with all of that. I’ll be tempted to say “I told you so,” but what’s the point? You’ll just blame it all on someone else anyhow.

Instead of trying to stop you from setting your country on fire because you like to play with matches and gasoline, maybe it’s time to let the motherfucker burn to the ground. Maybe we need to burn it all down before we realize just how badly we’re fucking up the great American Experiment because we’re too greedy, stubborn, and goddamned stupid to exercise basic common sense to solve our problems.

Fuck both of you.

And to anyone who gets all triggered and comes back with the tired “both sides act this way” bullshit, fuck you most of all. Your willingness to make excuses for this colossal clusterfuck unfolding around us is just fucking insane. Defending collusion with an enemy foreign country so egregious it could be considered treason before it’s all done doesn’t make you a patriot. It makes you an asshole. It makes so much of this mess your fault because you are pouring gas on the dumpster fire going on around you.

And obviously fuck these guys too.

You want to be a conservative? Fine. I have no problem with conservatives, but it’s your responsibility to know what the fuck conservatism entails. The modern Republican party, by which I mean the clowns in elected office actively enabling this shit, have lost their way by bowing down to assholes like the Koch Brothers. This blind loyalty among our elected officials is born of either fear of being tossed aside for another puppet or the pure lack of ability to comprehend the bullshit spewing from their own mouths. So while we’re at it, fuck you too, Congress and State Legislatures.

I can’t wait to see everyone pull themselves up by their bootstraps because it’s apparently so easy for the people at the bottom of the food chain, right? Should be fun to watch people killing each other over who gets to work for three dollars an hour with no benefits.

Sitting back and letting America become so great it finally explodes will be as fun as hell. I’m tempted to point out the entire concept is little more than Darwinism on crack, but I realize Darwinism is a word which could cause your circuits to overload. Let’s just say it will be like when Jesus watched the big dinosaurs eat all the little dinosaurs when God created the Earth five thousand years ago. Sounds cool, right?

I give up. Come up with your own clever caption.

In conclusion, you’re fucking up America, it truly is your fault, it’s not politics as usual, and when the shit hits the fan, you’re on your own. You are why we can’t have nice things. You don’t need “elitist liberals” and their fancy “civil rights” and “government protections.” You’re winners. You win bigly.

The sad part is I’m starting to believe the only way America will likely ever be great again, or even functional again, is if we let this train wreck play out to its grisly conclusion, casualties be damned.

Everything burns.


  1. Alas, you have missed why they supported Trump and still do, and you’re not going to like it. You’re really not going to like it. They are doing it because it makes you and others like you write articles like this. They see you as the enemy, the ones who are trying to take away their way of life. They will do what it takes — including electing and supporting somebody they will freely admit is an asshole — if it means you lose. The more you write articles like this, the more they support Trump. I told you you’re really not going to like it.

    You can’t “resist” half the country or even 1/4 the country. Your only option is to understand, empathize, embrace and find common ground.

    • Nah. I’d say you’re right if we weren’t so far down the rabbit hole, but at some point it’s not “both sides”. And we’re at that point.

    • Ayinde Murphy

      Trump supporters, or at least a whole lot of them, almost literally squeal in pleasure when they piss off liberals. But what is more important, in my view, is that in response there are almost invariably attacks, often unfair ones, on the Christian religion as a response to people like Trump. My father who is as almost as liberal as a person can get is a devout Christian as well as a minister and a professor of theology at Northwestern University. Not only does he despise Trump and everything that guy stands for but he stands and fights for liberal values and policies. He has literally volunteered and worked for our local Congressional Representative a Democrat named Jan Schakowsky . He was working in her office to help get Obamacare passed. He votes and protests and marches for liberal causes all the time. But this article insults HIM.

      I do not see the point of alienating people like him just because you do not agree with Christianity. Would you also ridicule Martin Luther King Jr. and his work because you find the Bible to be silly? You probably just mean to attack conservatives but you are attacking others as well with these remarks. But then again if you cared about that you probably wouldn’t have written it so I guess I am just wasting my time.
      Have a nice day

  2. Lisa Ann Wright

    I am raging too, missing Joe Bageant, agree that it’s not “both sides” but leaving the door open for a miracle. It’s the poor, the elderly and the voiceless who will be most harmed when/if it all burns to the ground.

  3. The only problem is that they aren’t just taking themselves down with them. They are taking women, people of color, queer folk, the disabled, the elderly, the impoverished, and people of faiths other than Christian/Secularism down with them.

    I get that you are writing from a perspective of superlative privilege, but you will survive. The rest of us won’t. Please, please, check your privilege. Their antics are causing The Handmaid’s Tale to be a work of prophecy and not a work of fiction.

    You’re a real stand up guy. Your own mother sued you for stealing from her…and the State of Pennsylvania suspended your law license for misappropriation of funds.

    Obviously, I’m not a Trump supporter. But your opinion is grotesque in its callousness and ignorance of those that are actually going to be harmed more than any Trumpette ever will be.

  4. Why don’t you do a story on the damage the Hillary supporters have done?

      • you didn’t like me disagreeing with you so you didn’t approve my reply? I do not take it personal. I Googled you and saw what a creep you are.

        How can you talk about being executive level anything? Even your ‘resume’ online is false.

        People like you are why Trump won. Sad.

        • If you must know, I was busy working and taking care of my kids instead of moderating your insightful commentary. It’s almost hard to believe the world survived without your insightful commentary for 16 hours.

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  6. JESSE – I think you’re onto something here. Seems like from all the various psychological profile ‘stuff’ both professional & armchair quarterback opinions, someone who had adopted a particular political meme has a built-in defense mechanism to protect that belief, from any & all assaults, both logical & emotional. I can only imagine Nazis witnessing the fall of Berlin, sure there was a pony in that pile of poop… Maybe, with prolonged exposure to ‘the other’ along with positive reinforcements, people can actually change their most basic, dearly held opinions, but otherwise it’s a mental variation of the Stockholm syndrome, as the prisoner of their misunderstanding takes them hostage & they in turn identify & solidify that position. Group think, mass hysteria or hypnosis, the ritualizing of the experience further reinforce & entrench the belief. I suppose we could make Sesame Street compulsory & try to erase & reprogram their basic operating system but I fear there’s not enough RAM to go around given the vast numbers & sheer suspicion commonly displayed. It’s a shame we don’t come with a RESET button.

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