For me, Charlottesville has changed everything.

I understand your concerns over my willingness to answer Nazism, fascism, and white supremacy with violence. Why am I willing to put down the pen and pick up the sword?

nazi trump charlottesville

This. This illustration.

I refuse to allow bigots and Nazis to gain more power in America. We gain nothing by using honeyed words and platitudes to diffuse this tension. Those who seek to destroy humanity must be met by decent human beings who are willing to fight, actually fight, against their own use of violence.

When words fail, when love fails, justice must prevail. Good must triumph at all times. Sometimes good must be terrible. The forces of good must strike terror into the hearts of evil men and women who want to turn the world to darkness.

There is a price to be paid to preserve liberty, freedom, justice, equality, equity- to protect human dignity. If you believe for one moment that peace can prevail for all time, you are naive. Sometimes you must fight to preserve peace. Sometimes you must tear down the edifices of hate to preserve love. Sometimes you must set aside civility to preserve civilization itself.

The day will come when peace fails. The day will come when love fails. The day will come when civility fails. The day will come when all decent people must rise up and turn their righteous rage into righteous action. We must be courageous. We must be resolved in our purpose. We must be committed to ensuring that evil never triumphs over good.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

– Thomas Jefferson

If we fail in our purpose, we resign ourselves to darkness. We resign ourselves to pain. We resign ourselves to death. Our country can not survive if we refuse to refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Great moments in our history demand action. Our democracy demands action.

Silence is not an option. Neutrality is not an option. Action is the only option. We will get no support from our government. It falls to us, the People, to defend each other, and to care for each other, in our darkest hours.

We are our only hope and salvation. We are our own strength. We are one, from many. We are the true patriots. At this moment it falls to us to take up the mantle of our Founders and defend that which they bled and died for. At this moment we must tell the world that even though our nation is imperfect and built upon an imperfect foundation, we stand for the realization of the ideal that all men and women are created equal and that all humans possess the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Join me.

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