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drunk uncle thanksgiving
One of the cardinal rules for Thanksgiving dinner in recent years is to avoid talking about politics at family gatherings. In fact, the concept of the racist Drunk Uncle is now equally identifiable with Thanksgiving as cranberry sauce, with the common denominator being that nobody wants to put either of them anywhere near their mouth.... Read More
Camera Bartolotta
As has been widely touted by Camera Chatham Bartolotta, Goose in the Gallows received a “cease and desist” email from her attorney, Matthew Haverstick of the Philadelphia law firm Kleinbard LLC/ This notice comes in response to the article we published several days ago regarding questions about the potential use of taxpayer-funded resources for political... Read More
jesse white kevin nicholson
Donna and Michael Nicholson's donation wasn't about making sure Tammy Baldwin has enough cash to buy all the lawn signs she needs; it was about publicly embarrassingĀ and humiliating their son, and it was totally uncalled for. The donation was not an endorsement of political policies; it was an indictment of their son's character. As a candidate, how do you possibly respond to your parents contributing to your political opponent? Read More
18th in '18 tim murphy
The Republican Field Now that the dust has settled on the Tim Murphy scandal (and the ink is dry on his resignation from Congress), the hunt is officially on to replace him in the 18th Congressional District. As part of our long-form project, 18th in ’18: Congressional Clusterf*ck, we are going to provide in-depth analysis... Read More