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donald trump
scott perry kids
This photo of Congressman Scott Perry (PA-10) talking to young African-American children while WEARING A GODDAMN BULLETPROOF VEST may be the: WORST. PHOTO-OP. EVER. While it would be easy to assume the picture was photoshopped or otherwise altered, it appears on Perry’s official website. The level of political tone-deafness needed to think posting a photo... Read More
tom sawyer trump racist
So Donald Trump’s tweeted that four progressive women of color serving in the House of Representatives should go back to the countries they came from, with the clear implication being that they are somehow less than American because of the color of their skin. The fact that Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib were... Read More
impeach donald trump
To impeach, or not to impeach? That is the question currently being posed by pundits, politicos, and increasingly by Democrats in Congress. Lest anyone remain unconvinced, the answer is yes- Congress must open an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing her cards exceptionally close to her designer vest, going as... Read More
trump kkk
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]President Donald J. Trump broke his silence on the scandal roiling Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) in the aftermath of a photo in Northam’s medical school yearbook showing a person in blackface standing with another dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe. “Damn, that is one cool move. I wish I had thought of that... Read More
drunk uncle thanksgiving
One of the cardinal rules for Thanksgiving dinner in recent years is to avoid talking about politics at family gatherings. In fact, the concept of the racist Drunk Uncle is now equally identifiable with Thanksgiving as cranberry sauce, with the common denominator being that nobody wants to put either of them anywhere near their mouth.... Read More
pa house democrats legislature
As the 2018 Election Cycle begins its wind into the homestretch, some Democratic candidates for Pennsylvania State House and Senate will wake up one day in early October to realize those months of planning, personal sacrifice, and hard work will likely not be enough to put their campaigns over the top. Most voters may not... Read More
donald trump coup
The release of the anonymous op/ed in The New York TimesĀ from a senior White House official elicited a wide range of responses, including the need for every talking head on cable news to let us know that they’ve “never seen anything like this before,” which is quickly becoming the political equivalent of telling people that... Read More
trump putin fbi
Donald Trump’s one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki is by definition an event of global political importance, but Trump’s demand that the two men meet without anyone else in the room is shocking even by Trump’s standards. The inexplicable affinity Trump has undeniably demonstrated for Putin raises eyebrows in of itself; add... Read More