There aren’t may jobs more interesting than being a stripper but as these confessions show, strippers are like snowflakes. No two are alike. Unless they’re twins, which is a whole other level of messed up. Here are thirteen of the more interesting confessions from Whisper which might change the way you think (but probably won’t).


1.  Don’t assume all strippers are rolling in cash.



2.  Then again, maybe we were quick to judge. Anyone notice how he slipped doing blow every night right before paying his taxes? #conflicted


3.  But apparently, some strippers are apparently really underpaid. Like “living on Taco Bell” underpaid. (Does anyone else wonder if her Taco Bell diet might contribute to her low earnings?)


4.  Apparently, you can be a good mother and a stripper too. That’s useful to know.


5.  …but only if your kids don’t find out.


6.  There seems to be some sort of connection between stripping and what is known as “daddy issues”.


7.  Stripping doesn’t always lend itself to healthy relationships, but it apparently does lend itself to being stalked at work by your boyfriend who is nearly twice your age. Call me crazy, but I think these two are gonna make it.


8.  Strippers seem to face a lot of double standards. How bad is it when your pole dancing class turns on you?


9.  Sometimes being mistaken for a stripper is an occupational hazard.


10.  …but sometimes you can work the system in your favor.


11.  Well, this one should make every guy feel absolutely fantastic. (And by fantastic, I mean suicidal.)


12.  The only thing worse than being a busboy is being a busboy three feet from your girlfriend giving some guy a lapdance.


13.  Finally, no matter how you feel about strippers, it’s hard to deny the irony here. #blessed

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