“Investigative Reporter” Andy Sheehan left his dog in a car with the windows rolled up and no ventilation for over thirty minutes before a concerned citizen broke the car window to free the distressed animal, according to an eyewitness at the scene. Here is the Facebook post from Jason Lee:

KDKA News Reporter Leaves Dog In Sweltering Car With No Ventilation in Bloomfield!!!!

So after many phone calls to the…

Posted by Jason Lee on Thursday, June 15, 2017


According to Accuweather, the high temperature in Pittsburgh today was eighty-seven degrees. When the dog was finally freed, he was “terrified and panting from exhaustion.”

Sheehan’s dog rescued by first responders after the animal spent more than thirty minutes inside Sheehan’s sweltering car. Source: Facebook
Sheehan promptly accused all of the onlookers of lying. Source: Facebook

Despite multiple onlookers who called the police to get help for the dog over the thirty-minute span, Sheehan promptly claimed he was only gone for five minutes- essentially calling the people who saved his dog a group of liars.

The most ridiculous part of this story is the citizen who saved the dog by breaking the passenger side window is now being fined by police for the damage, while Sheehan apparently escaped any liability for the incident.

Ironically enough, Sheehan’s official bio on the KDKA website has a list of ‘fun facts’, including this question about whether he prefers cats or dogs.

andy sheehan dog

If this is what he does to dogs, which he apparently prefers, I’d hate to imagine what he’d do to a cat.

How Hot Could it Have Been in the Car?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the estimated vehicle interior air temperature for a vehicle after thirty minutes with an outdoor air temperature of eighty-five degrees is a whopping 119˚.

Sheehan, who looks more upset about the window of his car being broken than the fact his dog was trapped inside a sweltering car, is described in his official bio as follows:

A member of the KD Investigators, Andy’s forte is the in-depth investigative story, exposing corruption and government waste. On a daily basis, he gives viewers the inside story on breaking events with exclusive reports and interviews. Through his network of sources, he has developed over the years, he keeps you on top of the news.

Any Repercussions for Sheehan?

And here’s why this story pisses me off so much. If that had been anyone else, Sheehan would have been right there with a camera crew and a microphone portraying the dog owner to be the worst human being alive (which in this case may not be far from the truth). But when he’s the potential subject of the story, all of the people who cared more about Sheehan’s dog than he did are all immediately branded as liars.

If only there was someone whose job it was to track down and investigate scumbags who do scumbag things and then lie about it to avoid taking any personal responsibility…

Does anyone else think for one minute this story will be swept under the rug with no media attention, let alone a citation for cruelty to animals?

Pennsylvania does not currently have a specific statute on the books for leaving a dog in a hot car, but legislation has been proposed in the State Legislature. Just a thought – how about we call it “Sheehan’s Law”?

Anyone who would like to contact Sheehan can email him at asheehan@kdka.com. He is also on Twitter as @AndySheehankdka and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AndySheehanKDKA/.

Editor’s Note: Based on multiple personal interactions with him over the years, the author of this article is in no way shocked by Mr. Sheehan’s conduct as alleged by eyewitnesses at the scene.


  1. SB 636 – Hot Dogs in Cars Act is Currently pending in the Senate in Harrisburg….PA….Make a phone call and ask your Senator to support the Dogs in Hot Cars Act. Contact them here: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/

    • coachanthony79

      Thanks for the update on this Senate Bill!!!