One of the biggest challenges for independent-minded Americans these days is differentiating between real media and what President Trump calls “fake news”. “Fake news” outlets include, among others, CNN, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and CNN.

Now, with a rare total solar eclipse planned for August 21, 2017, there is finally a way to prove the mainstream media is nothing more than the momentary whimsy of the Libtard Party. The answer is simple- take the “Solar Eclipse Challenge”. Here’s how it works:

The “mainstream media” is warning everyone not to look directly into the sun during the eclipse unless you have special protection for your eyes or you’ll risk going blind. But did you know George Soros is the one making all the money from those “eclipse glasses” popping up everywhere? He’s taking that money and using it to cover up his trafficking of animatronic sex dolls to school kids so they can learn how to get abortions on demand when they’re older. Is that really the kind of America we want to live in? Of course not.

george soros eclipse
“See? I’m wearing glasses. If you wear glasses too, you’ll think just like me.” – George Soros

This is your chance to prove once and for all that the mainstream media cannot be trusted and finally, silence all the snowflakes and social justice warriors out there who keep talking about “science” and “facts”. It’s simple.

When the solar eclipse is about to begin, start staring directly into the sun with your naked eyes. Be careful to try not to blink. Keep staring at the eclipse until it’s completely finished. Then get a piece of paper and write, “Eclipse Blindness = Fake News!” and post it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, and don’t forget to add #eclipsefakenews.

Donald Trump #fakenews eclipse
Just in case you forget, President Donald J. Trump made a sign of his own.

Once the world sees how you and all of your friends and relatives who are too smart to fall for the New World Order propaganda of the mainstream media, their¬†charade will finally be exposed and their influence will crumble. Everyone will know that Jesus protected your eyes, and you saw the eclipse without putting a penny into George Soros’ web of deviant gluttony.

In order to make this work, you should really gather up all of your friends, relatives (especially your uncles), and co-workers to take the Solar Eclipse Challenge together to demonstrate strength in numbers, plus it’s always good to have a crowd of Patriots handy in case those dirty hippies from Antifa decide to show up.

Let’s put an end to all of this blubbering and crying about science and facts. If enough patriotic Americans take the Solar Eclipse Challenge, we can put an end to their manipulation once and for all.


  1. Gather friends, relatives, and co-workers

  2. When the eclipse starts, stare directly into the sun (no glasses of any kind!)

  3. Do. Not. Blink.

  4. When the eclipse is over, post a picture of yourself with a sign saying, “Eclipse Blindness = Fake News!” with the hashtag #eclipsefakenews to your social media

  5. Wait for all the Libtards around you to realize you’re smarter than they are

See you all on the other side of the revolution, my friends. #eclipsefakenews

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  1. The problem is that most of Sociopath Darnold Rump’s zombie legion can’t see beyond their nose, much less be able to read, so, staring at the eclipse won’t affect them nearly as much as their apoplectic reaction to satire concerning their feckless leader!