Yes, the Trump Administration is actively undermining the ACA (Obamacare). His administration is not enforcing provisions of the law it finds contrary to their ideology. Flagrantly defying a duly enacted law is abhorrent. However, that’s not the real argument here. The Obama Administration utilized the same practice when it chose to cease enforcing provisions of laws it found offensive to the values they held dear.

trumpLet’s look at the bigger picture.

Established law is dependent on the prevailing politics of their respective time. Drawing and quartering were a permitted means of executing prisoners because of established law. Slavery was not only established law but a way of life. Jim Crow was, and in some cases still is established law. The point being laws are not a good standard to use in measuring the morality of society.

The prevailing politics of our time define us. Our values are what drive us. Cruel and unusual punishment is immoral because it is wrong to torture another human being. Slavery is immoral because human beings are not inhuman, they are not property. It’s wrong, and it’s cruel to treat people as inhuman and as property.

jim crow
Not long ago, this was the law of our land.

We will fool ourselves into thinking we’ve silenced Jim Crow. We wrestle over being decent human beings. We agonize over it. We revel in it. Whole clubs and organizations exist whose mission and purpose are to exterminate another group of people. Even on our streets and in our towns there are people using slurs, not hiring “certain people,” and killing each other over race, gender, sexual identity, and religion. Bigotry is immoral because it is wrong and cruel to deny another’s identity, another’s humanity. We hope to change our politics? We need to change ourselves first.

It is immoral to deny healthcare to those in need

We can start here:

It is immoral to deny access to free healthcare because humans get sick. Humans get injured. Humans are us, people. People get sick. People get injured. It is wrong, and it is cruel to say to a person they can not be healed. That they are undeserving of treatment because they don’t have the coin. That is immoral. That is outrageously immoral.

People deserve access to free healthcare. We are citizens of a country with the world’s largest economy. Our government is, at this moment, arguing for a policy, conceived from their values, that will result in millions of our fellow citizens being denied access to healthcare. Outrageous.

Do you want to hear something that is even more outrageous? Hard to believe, I know. The fact that we have to convince so many people that free healthcare for all is not a pipe dream. That it is the truly moral thing to do for our fellow citizens.

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