We need to talk about the Republican Tax Law, which President Trump callously signed into law, regardless of his brash campaign promises. Many of these broken promises include “minor little details” like the President not benefitting from the new tax law. Trump will undoubtedly profit personally, as the law benefits those with power like it always does. Those without power are left on the outside looking in. And many of those looking in will be doing so without access to affordable health care.

Trump’s personal financial victories aside, the issue Americans should be focusing on right now is the nine million children without access to healthcare. These children are Americans, and these American kids are going without healthcare because the Republicans who control Congress refuse to fully fund the Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program, more commonly known as CHIP.

Healthcare for kids was never a partisan issue until Donald Trump started Making America Great Again by gutting anything remotely beneficial to anyone who isn’t a millionaire. CHIP costs $14 billion a year, which is apparently a bridge too far, yet Mr. Trump just signed what is essentially a wealth redistribution act which adds over one trillion dollars to the federal budget deficit. Kind of makes the tears about not finding money for children’s health care seem like… oh, what’s the word… fake news?

Budgets are moral documents. Public policy is about morality. I called my Republican Senator’s office today, and when the questions got too tough, they hung up on me. Ignoring the voices of anyone who may question you is the new defacto policy of our republic.

When someone claims the federal government is out of money for funding health care for nine million children, what they really mean is they don’t care about funding for children’s healthcare. It is not an issue of being out of money; it is more an issue of being morally spineless and morally bankrupt than anything else. It’s an issue of priorities, and Republicans take great glee in placing the priorities of those at the top above everyone else. So no, it is not an issue of being out of money; it’s an issue of just not caring about American children.

I’m sure the Republicans will remind many more Americans about how they are pro-life and how they are the morally upright party. However, I have a difficult time believing that putting wealth redistribution for the wealthiest Americans first and the well being of children last is anything to be upright about, morally or otherwise.