Anyone who knows Darlene Barni knows that she’s always complaining about something in an attempt to make it look as though there is some grand conspiracy going on within Cecil Township that only she can fix. Back in 2015, there was a huge focus on the need for repairs to Coleman Road. Darlene and her crowd of followers, who have made it very clear that they strongly oppose new residential developments and young families moving into “their” township, were suddenly very concerned about this one particular road. Their rationale? “Somebody think of the children!!!!”

Here is just one of the posts from the Cecil Township Watchdogs page (one of Darlene’s anonymous pages):


Posted by Cecil Township Watchdogs on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Some of the township supervisors at the time looked at some solutions that would solidify the problem without the astronomical cost of rebuilding and dramatically widening the road. Notably, the one township supervisor who wanted to spend all the money to rebuild the road was Elizabeth Cowden, who is a close political ally of Darlene Barni. The play was obvious- Darlene and her people would come to the meetings and complain, and Elizabeth would push her highly expensive solution to fix it.

But the whole thing didn’t make much sense at the time. Why that one road and why spend millions of taxpayer dollars to rebuild it? It’s not a main thoroughfare for the residents.

Then in 2017, Range Resources applied for a permit to frac the Augustine Well site, which just so happens to be located… just off of Coleman Road.

The highlighted portion in yellow is Coleman Road.

This is incredibly telling. Anyone who knows about the drilling process knows that it involves a tremendous amount of heavy truck traffic. So when trucks came from Route 980 to the Augustine site, they would use Coleman Road. The road may have been okay for basic car traffic but would have been destroyed by the kind of traffic associated with a frac drilling operation. So Range would have to spend a ton of money to rebuild Coleman Road just to start the job. Unless…

What if they got the taxpayers in Cecil Township to foot the bill instead?

Suddenly, the pro-Range residents, led by Darlene Barni, start screaming about how Coleman Road needed to be totally rebuilt… for the kids.

“Without that road, it will take me way longer to develop cancer. Thank you for fighting for me, Darlene Barni and Elizabeth Cowden.”

Range does their drilling schedule a couple of years out, so the timeline makes total sense, especially considering that they would gladly wait a little bit longer if they had someone else pay to build their road for them.

Darlene Barni, Elizabeth Cowden, and their supporters were particularly loud about that specific road. Did they use the safety of the kids in Cecil Township as a false flag to save their political donors at Range millions of dollars by using taxpayer dollars to pay for Coleman Road? It certainly appears that way.

This is just one in a long list of examples of how Darlene Barni (and her allies Elizabeth Cowden, Tom Casciola, and Eric Sivavec) pursue their own financial agenda under the guise of public service.

If you’re tired of the schemes and lies, vote against Darlene Barni and for Cindy Fisher on Tuesday.

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