This week, Donald Trump presented his pitch to the American people for a second term. It was an unhinged experience. The Republican Party couldn’t be bothered to put together a platform. They couldn’t be bothered to offer up any actual policy planks, other than surrounding their cult leader with praise and tying to anoint the next D-list family member for the presidency. Donald Trump has encouraged treason against the United States. Yet the base still refuses to break from a suicide cult (both figuratively and literally) of Americans refusing to wear masks and maintaining social distancing. There are sixty-six days until Election Day. The polls are tightening, with some Americans deciding to go down the path of an authoritarian man, who wants to be America’s last and final president. Trump…

tom sawyer trump racist

So Donald Trump’s tweeted that four progressive women of color serving in the House of Representatives should go back to the countries they came from, with the clear implication being that they are somehow less than American because of the color of their skin. The fact that Ayanna…