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Congressman Guy Reschenthaler, a Republican who represents Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District despite a history of supporting radical racists and homophobes, was honored by President Donald J. Trump during a visit to the White House earlier this week. After a moment of silence for the entire population of Alabama for surviving Hurricane Dorian, the pair spent... Read More
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  Since noted conspiratorial idiot Alex Jones from Infowars is telling everyone about the Second American Civil War the Democrats are planning for July 4, which is obviously totally true, we thought we’d start publishing some of the letters from the front. Here’s Alex Jones with his head inserted in his posterior: BREAKING: Democrats Plan... Read More
I used to think I was an insecure dork for asking permission before kissing any woman I have ever kissed, going all the way back to elementary school. Turns out it may have been the smartest thing I ever did. Just to be safe, I’d like to apologize to any woman who did indeed give... Read More
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Sometimes redemption comes when you least expect it. When I heard the news earlier today that George Papadopulous pled guilty to federal charges of lying to the FBI, I couldn’t help derive a small dose of smug satisfaction at the turn of events. You see, I’ve known this Papadopulous guy was bad news from the... Read More
Youtube user 1oneclone uploaded an amazing mash-up video depicting various members of the Trump Administration being apprehended and arrested. While something like this would always be fun, it seems somewhat fitting considering the first indictments have been issued in Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference (and the Trump Campaign’s involvement with said Russian interference) in... Read More
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Goose in the Gallows is thrilled to welcome our newest guest contributor. You may know him from church on Sundays, or when he created the Earth by fighting off the dinosaurs with his bare hands 5,000 years ago. Please welcome our newest columnist, God. So I’m chilling up here in heaven yesterday, minding my own... Read More
And they say kids don’t make lists to stay organized anymore. This highly entertaining “2017 Bucket List” is making its way around the Twitter-sphere: My friends, friend found this in an Urban Outfitters dressing room… make this go viral pic.twitter.com/27u9s2jyfA — SS (@scorpiosars) July 14, 2017 I mean, this is a comprehensive list. Here’s an... Read More
Donald Trump isn’t the only crazy thing in the news these days. Here are 10 real stories that actually happened last week: 10. Save The Date: Starting August 7 You Can Get Married At Taco Bell This is not a joke. Apparently, 150 couples had so little respect for their spouse-to-be, they entered a contest to... Read More