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Cancer Cluster
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A secret meeting with the County Redevelopment Authority. A grant application with a road to nowhere. An implication, if not an outright accusation, that a supervisor’s signature was forged on that grant application. And a signature page of seemingly increasing importance that has gone mysteriously missing. Welcome to Cecil Township, where the politics are apparently... Read More
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Let’s start by stating the painfully obvious. For the past several years, the Board of Supervisors of Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania has been led by possibly a few of the dumbest human beings on Earth. Over the past several years, the Township has pursued policies ranging from pointless to regressive to downright moronic, garnering... Read More
One month ago today, we published a story about a potential cancer cluster in Washington County, Pennsylvania, specifically centered around the Canon-McMillan School District. The article asked why no elected leaders or media sources had even mentioned the cancer cluster. Many of the comments received via this site and social media were quick to deny... Read More