Like the rest of the country, I watched in shock and shame as Nazis marched through an American city, inciting violence that claimed an innocent life. I watched in disgust as the President of the United States stopped just short of congratulating the White Supremacists with his half-assed, dog-whistle response that virtually guarantees things are going to get much worse before they get better. (But hey, at least nobody’s talking about Russia anymore, am I right?)

But let’s forget Trump for a minute. What I want to know is where the hell are all the people who’ve been warning us all along that we may need to stand up to our own government someday? The ones who cite the need to be ever-vigilant in the fight against tyranny? The ones who warned us never to trust anyone and especially to not trust the government?

That’s right, wackos. I’m talking to you. Where the fuck are you? I thought you guys lived for shit like this. We’ve got Nazis- yes, you heard me, actual fucking Nazis– parading through the streets and a President who colluded with a hostile foreign power to win an election and God knows what else. We’ve got a Justice Department who wants to know how everyone voted and what organizations we belong to. If this isn’t the kind of dream scenario you’ve been waiting for, then what is?

I mean, let’s go, boys. You have my undivided attention. Let’s grab our “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and go exercise our Second Amendment rights by procuring enough guns to let us sleep soundly at night. Want to take on government tyranny to protect American values? I am all the fuck in.

Despite the most obvious call to action short of a giant bat symbol projected into the sky, you guys are apparently sitting this one out? Where are all of these militias whose only justification for existence was to defend us when the government goes over the line?

charlottesville nazi militia
And another thing- stop pretending to be in the military if you aren’t. It’s offensive to those who actually earned the right to wear the uniform.

Wait… you mean you’re protecting the Nazis and White Supremacists now? I’m so confused. Unless…

Does this mean everything you’ve been spewing about your unflinching patriotism and love for America was total bullshit? It sure seems that way, because things are getting real and you’re defending the bad guys with guns and the government too. Talk about selling out. Honestly, I expected better from you, though I’ll admit you had me going for awhile there. I almost believed you.

But now I get it. When a black guy is President, it’s acceptable to call him a Nazi because he had the fucking nerve to help sick people get health care. But when a white guy gets into the White House, suddenly your job is to unconditionally defend him while he defends actual Nazis.

Ah, yes. A simpler time.

Amazingly, less than ten years ago Republicans ran on a slogan of “Country First”; in retrospect, I have to wonder if they were referring to country music and not their actual country. How did you change so radically in such a short amount of time? We trusted you not to trust the government. To be blunt, you’re fucking up royally.

Here’s something to ponder. During the American Revolution, there were no political parties. You had the good guys (the Americans), and you had the bad guys (the British). By embracing blind loyalty to a political party no matter what they say or do, you’re not honoring the Founding Fathers’ patriotism. To the contrary, you’re pissing all over it. You’re not the rebels; you’re the redcoats.

Politicians are just people; they’re wrong all the time. Even the best of them screw up on occasion; nobody bats a thousand. In his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Donald Trump got it dead wrong. He fucked up, but even worse, he failed to say what every true American should say about hate groups while resorting to false equivalencies and bullshit talking points to try and thread a political needle.

If your thoughts and beliefs are fueled by policy and economics and legitimate ideological differences, then we can continue to have our battles; that’s what a democracy is supposed to be. But if it turns out the whole thing was just about you hating black people or Jews, then seriously, fuck you. We already fought a war over this, and – spoiler alert – your side got its ass kicked.

Get over it, snowflakes.

lincoln civil war
Would it blow your mind if I told you the guy who won the war against the South was a Republican?

You can be a Republican and still renounce Nazis and White Supremacists. You don’t need to play into every stereotype someone may have about you because you’re trying to defend the indefensible. You can support a President but still demand accountability when he steps over a line. But what you can’t do is turn a blind eye to the unambiguous attempts to deprive your fellow Americans of their civil rights and still claim to be a patriot. Your silence is enabling the hate.

If you love America as much as you claim to, show us now. Show us before things get really out of hand.


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