This week, Donald Trump presented his pitch to the American people for a second term. It was an unhinged experience.

The Republican Party couldn’t be bothered to put together a platform. They couldn’t be bothered to offer up any actual policy planks, other than surrounding their cult leader with praise and tying to anoint the next D-list family member for the presidency. Donald Trump has encouraged treason against the United States. Yet the base still refuses to break from a suicide cult (both figuratively and literally) of Americans refusing to wear masks and maintaining social distancing.

There are sixty-six days until Election Day. The polls are tightening, with some Americans deciding to go down the path of an authoritarian man, who wants to be America’s last and final president. Trump already doesn’t believe the laws pertain to him or his family; another four years of him in the White House could easily portend the death of American Democracy.

Despite all the strict law and order talk coming from Donald Trump, his administration has produced the most criminal indictments in modern American history. Donald Trump personally asked a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political opponent. He has refused to use law and order when it comes to Russian aggression, even when it means placing bounties on American soldiers. Donald Trump only wants law and order to apply to those he disagrees with and, more importantly, those who do not look like members of his cult.

Sixty-six days to choose leadership, sixty-six days to decide the future of the nation. Sixty-six days to elect a president who can finally answer the moment, who will select bipartisanship over partisan politics.

The most fundamental question facing the American polity is this: what are you going to doing in the next sixty-six days?

We can choose to continue to be silent and hopelessly hopeful or choose to take concrete action. You can give a damn about the republic or watch it wither away, but remember that when all the hopelessness finally sets in on November 4, elections have monumental consequences.

It is time for a change in leadership.

It is time we answer the question that we as Americans must answer every four years: Are we better off today than we were four years ago?

Four years ago, America enjoyed a growing economy that was growing. This economic tsunami was lifting all boats, not just those of the wealthy few- until the con-artist that is Donald Trump took the oath of office. Today we have an economy on the brink of collapse.

We are a nation in paralysis, struggling to confront and reconcile the stark reality of our shared history. We are parents reeling from the inevitable collapse of dreams once held for our children, due to the undeniable economic truth that the wealthy disproportionately benefit when the Republican strong-arm party is in charge. We are a movement rising, knowing that if we want a real shot at the American dream, the time has come for a correction course.

The first Presidential Election of this decade should be known as awakening. For the sake of our republic and all of the people who respect and cherish what it should represent, let us hope this awakening is upon us.

If we fail, then the message of hope becomes a simple warning: Good Luck, America.

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