The US Supreme Court decisions, District of Columbia v. Heller and MacDonald v. City of Chicago did not create an unfettered individual right to own whatever firearm your heart desires. The 2nd Amendment is not absolute. No one wants to take your hunting rifles or shotguns away from you.

What is at issue is a private citizen’s access to military-style assault weapons.

What is at issue is our broken mental health system.

What is at issue is our broken background check system.

What is at issue is our desire to put our individual right to a tool, above another’s right to live in relative peace and safety.

What is our issue is our acquiescence to the thought that evil will always exist so why bother even trying to wrestle with the dark side of human nature by attempting to prevent senseless gun violence in America.We came together to put a man on the moon, we came together and conquered evil men in far-off battlefields, we came together to build the most powerful nation on this Earth. We can come together to save ourselves from ourselves.

The rest of the world stares at us in bafflement because of our complete inability to reconcile harsh realities and truths with action, in order to solve glaring problems in our society and our system of government.

Even now, at this very moment, there will be individuals reading my words and fuming over the notion that I would have the audacity to speak up for gun control. Some of you will twist my words to suit a particular narrative. Some will laugh at me because of the naivety they may perceive from my views. But know this, bullets will continue to rip through our children in their schools, our loved ones in malls, concerts, in the streets, and in their workplaces, if we do nothing.

I vehemently refuse to cower behind the thought that evil people will always exist and they will always find a means to carry out their evil intentions. It doesn’t have to be this hard, America. Our history doesn’t always have to be written with blood-soaked hands. We are better than this, and we must do better.

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