One of the trademarks of the alt-right “media” is posing as legitimate reporters who then proceed make some lame-ass political point like they’re the Nazi version of Walter Cronkite.

Enter Owen Shroyer, “reporter” for crazy conspiracy clearinghouse Infowars.com. Shroyer recently showed up at a protest with his camera at the ready, prepared to document whatever unholy Satanic rituals the members of Antifa were planning that day. Instead, all he found was a bunch of peaceful protesters and no drama to exploit.

But that’s okay because Owen Shroyer is a professional. His official nickname is “the cuck destroyer”, so you know he’s nothing but equal parts professional and classy. Here is how Shroyer describes himself in an interview:

I guess the reason why they call me The Cuck Destroyer is because I face these people en masse, and I make them look like total cucks… When I go into the streets and I talk to people, I’m a man. I have facts, I have points, I back myself up. I’m not afraid either. I’m not gonna back down because people are trying to intimidate me. I think that’s how that nickname came about.

So when this reporter asshole approached an 11-year-old girl at the protest with his camera on, his intentions were not honorable, and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. Shroyer was clearly hoping she would say something sensationalistic that he could twist into some form of theory about how Antifa uses mind control drugs on pre-teens or something.

Oh, and by the way, he addressed her as “hey, young man”, which is further proof of what a dick this guy is because she was very clearly a young girl, long hair and all.

infowars girl finger owen shroyer
If someone thinks this is a boy, maybe we should be questioning their journalistic cred.

In a way, he got the unfiltered response he was looking for. And then some. Here’s the exchange, but the transcript fails to do it justice.

Shroyer: “How are you, young man?”

11-year-old girl:“Um, you’re a f*cking idiot.”

Shroyer: “Wow, who taught you that language?”

11-year-old girl:“My mother.”

The clip ends with the girl defiantly flipping off the camera and walking away.






Kidding aside, good for her. Upon being provoked by the alt-right for no legitimate reason whatsoever, she took advantage of the microphone shoved in her face and exercised her First Amendment rights in glorious fashion.

Most kids (and more than a few adults) would have run away. Others would have taken the bait and engaged the moron. But not this girl. The way she responded, by refusing to show deference to a totally insincere member of the alt-right pretending to be a journalist and telling him exactly what she thought of him, is How To Deal With Trolls 101.

I guess what they say is true. Not all heroes wear capes. It turns out my newest hero wears a tie-dyed t-shirt. Owen Shroyer may call her many things, but he sure won’t be able to call that 11-year-old girl an intimidated, weak-minded cuck.


  1. Carlito234

    Well the fact that this writers characterized this interaction in any kind of positive light tells us all we need to know about this writer. The political Left is unhinged, indeed.

  2. Can I send you up some kleenex there? I bet it’s easy to get nosebleeds way up on that high horse of yours.

  3. Chris Hodgson

    In the words of an 11 year old that is clearly your intellectual superior, “Um, you’re a f*cking idiot”.

  4. For the record, my reply was for Carlito there